Mia’s Story

Mia Jor was diagnosed with lymphoma and Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome in 2015 at the age of five. Mia immediately began chemotherapy treatment and was in remission for eighteen months. She relapsed in September 2017 and underwent chemotherapy treatment a second time. Following that round of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant was suggested as her only hope for survival. She endured more intensive chemotherapy before the transplant.

Mia received her bone marrow transplant on April 18, 2018 from an unrelated donor. However, three months after the transplant, a biopsy revealed cancer for a third time. Following this relapse, Mia became a candidate in a clinical trial treatment for a new immunotherapy drug. Unfortunately, she endured complications from the treatment.

After spending three more months in the hospital, her family granted Mia’s wish to return home. Two hours later, after three years of fighting cancer, Mia’s fight ended on Saturday, November 17, 2018 in her South Barrington, Illinois home.

From the moment Mia was born, Mia gave her family and friends beautiful memories and filled each precious moment of her life with happiness. Her engaging personality, strength and courage during her illness was an inspiration to everyone she met during her eight short years.

Through this foundation, we hope Mia’s legacy will live on and continue to spread the love and joy she brought to the world.